Five NYE Destinations

snowglobe-festivalThe good the bad, the great the worse, the mediocre the inspiring, love found and love lost, successes and failures, all of the above or none of the above, whatever 2013 meant to you, it is time to praise it, accept it and set it free. Repentance will only hold you back. New Years Eve is a time of cleansing, reminiscing (or forgetting) and most importantly, celebrating. Worshiping music is always one of the most therapeutic ways to celebrate. The perfect conduit for good vibes, live music will end 2013 and begin 2014 on the same euphoric note. Some plan their New Years Eve months in advance, but for those who have not yet chosen which rabbit hole to descend, here are five stellar suggestions that will put the "YEA!" in your New Years.

Loving Life With Love & Light

Aaron-Leibowitz-Henry-Pope-King-KingThere is no scarcity of positive energy on the dancefloor of King King in Hollywood. The Good Vibe is a group of artists, producers, managers, promoters and creators who orchestrate dynamic atmospheres. Founded by Jackie Peters and Brian Crain of the Black 22s, the creators of good vibes themselves, any event thrown by this dedicated group will surely ensure a boisterous evening

Morgan Page 3D Tour

morgan-page-flyerLights and music have been soulmates since the psychedelic 60s and 70s. The famous Pink Floyd laser light shows illuminated the path toward our newfound love of light. Since then, light shows have come a long way with the emergence of light-emitting diodes, or as we know them, LEDs. Lasers and LEDs create a scintillating hue of Technicolor lights that dazzle onlookers and enhance the magic of any live EDM experience.

Gettin’ Bassed in the Face with Stylust Beats

stylust-beatsOn Friday, November 15th, the clubs of Hollywood were bleeding with bass. Though I was presented with a myriad of musical journeys to take, I chose to get bassed in the face by Stylust Beats. Hailing from the Bay Area, Stylust Beats has been tripping out the underground music scene since 1998. Hip hop production was actually his earliest niche, working with several world famous MCs such as Freestyle of the Arsonists and Freeway of Def Jam.

Giveaway: Major Lazer at 1OAK (Las Vegas) 12/29

Major Lazer Contest-02New Years Eve always offers a dizzying array of musical adventures to embark upon. This year, Unprotected Sets is teaming up with 1 OAK in Las Vegas for an epic New Years Eve giveaway. Major Lazer at Mirage Nightclub will be one of the best live EDM performances on this side of the Mississippi.

Gettin’ Fresh with KCRW

kcrw-thumbnailRadio may seem like a dying industry in this downloadable world but it is very much alive. KCRW is one of the last great radio stations in Southern California. Stations like the rebellious Indie 103.1 were exposed to the pressures of commercial radio when Entravision forced them to evacuate the station and stop broadcasting on the terrestrial airwaves. Sharing their passion for alternative music with the masses remained their priority as they continue to operate by streaming their regular programming on their website.

EDC 2013: Under the Electric Sky

EDCMany of cinema's most dynamic masterpieces are not filmed in a studio or in front of a green screen. They are filmed in a magical realm filled with fairies and fur, lights and rainbows, a place where there is no time and only music. A place where people gather to celebrate themselves and each other, appreciating the bliss of being alive.
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